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Demographic Profile

The Nevada Community Action Association consists of representatives from the 17 counties of Nevada, each of which receive CSBG dollars on an annual basis.

CSA and LVCC Urban League are the two largest agencies in the NCAA, and have offered to take on the role of assuring that the Association's activities continue into the future.

An estimated 69% of Nevada's population lies within the service area of LVCC Urban League in the Las Vegas area, while 16% lies in the Reno area with CSA. The remaining 15% of Nevada's population is distributed throughout the remaining 15 counties.

One of the major concerns voiced by all CSBG recipients in Nevada is the fact that due to the physical distance between agencies, communication on activities and programs is difficult at best.

Nevada is the 7th largest state in geographic size, but yet ranks #8 as far as low population densities.

Thus, one of the major thrusts of the NCAA is this website. Additionally, we plan to establish consistent statewide ROMA performance models, provide technology training and technical assistance to NCAA members, and implement a Legislative monitoring committee.

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